Rules, Regulations, & Ordinances

Town Ordinances and Regulations: 

CHAPTER A: Zoning Ordinance, last updated March 2024
CHAPTER B: Land Development Regulations, last update October 6, 2021
Part 5: (Repealed)
CHAPTER C: Non-Residential Site Plan Regulations, last updated October 21, 2015

CHAPTER D: Historic District Commission Regulations, last updated June 15, 2023
CHAPTER E: Scenic Roads Regulations, last updated before 2007
CHAPTER F: (Relocated to Chapter B, Part 3)
CHAPTER G: Septic System Ordinance, last updated July 27, 2015
CHAPTER H: Building Code Ordinance, last updated March 14, 2023
CHAPTER I: Stormwater Regulations, adopted December 16, 2020
CHAPTER J: Applicable State Statutes, last updated before 2007

Other Town Rules, Regulations and Ordinances: