Prosecutor’s Office

Prosecutor's Office

The Amherst Police Department, through the Prosecutor’s office is responsible for the prosecution of all of the department’s motor vehicle and criminal cases in the Milford District Court. While trials for violations and misdemeanors occur in the district court, all felonies are handled in the Hillsborough Superior Court in Manchester. It is the goal of the police department to prosecute its cases vigorously, always keeping in mind the interests of the citizens, and in particular, the victim and witnesses involved with each case. All decisions in the prosecutor’s office are made with these goals in mind, and within the framework of rules governing prosecutorial conduct.

Victims & Witnesses: If you are a victim or witness in a case being prosecuted by the Amherst Police Department we will make every effort to keep you advised of the current status of the prosecution. Additionally, the police department will actively seek your input into procedural and sentencing decisions regarding the case. You are encouraged to actively participate in the process, contacting the police department at any time.  The Court requires that the victim of a crime be present for any trial management conferences in order to ensure that all parties can weigh in on trial scheduling and/or terms of any plea agreements.  The prosecutor will notify the victim(s) well in advance of any court appearance date.  Additionally, you should know that victims of crimes have certain rights in New Hampshire, allowed under RSA 21-M:8-K.

If you have sustained physical and/or mental injury as a result of a felony or misdemeanor crime, or a driving under the influence of alcohol offense, you may be eligible to receive compensation covering areas such as; medical and dental care, mental health counseling, lost wages, funeral and burial expenses, and other out-of-pocket expenses. More detailed information regarding your rights as a victim may be obtained from the Amherst Police Department @ 603-673-4900, or the New Hampshire Victims’ Assistance Commission @ 1-800-300-4500.

Defendants: If you have received a motor vehicle summons, you must respond to the summons within 30 days of receiving it. Proper response involves completing the back side of the summons and mailing it to the New Hampshire Department of Motor Vehicles.  If you plead not guilty to the charge, you will receive a "pre-trial conference" notice from the Milford District Court.  On this conference date, you will have an opportunity to speak directly to the prosecutor regarding the charge and discuss any possible plea agreements.  The officer is not required to be present on this date.  If the case is resolved via a negotiated disposition and fines are imposed, then those fines are to be paid to the Court on that date.  If the case is not resolved via a plea agreement, then the matter will be scheduled for trial. 

If you have been arrested and released pending an arraignment, or if you have received a Must Appear summons, you must appear at the Milford District Court on the date set at the time of your release. At the arraignment you will be required to enter a plea: guilty, not guilty, or nolo. If you are charged with a Class ‘A’ misdemeanor or a felony, and you are indigent, you may be eligible for the assistance of a court appointed lawyer. Pleas of not guilty will be scheduled for a trial management conference where any plea agreements may be discussed.  In the event a plea agreement is not reached, then the Court will set a future trial date.

Pleas of guilty or nolo will result in a guilty finding and sentencing at the time of arraignment. Hearing dates in the Milford District Court may be continued upon request, with a showing that the continuance is necessary and not frivolous. Concurrence should first be sought from the Prosecutor’s Office, followed by a written request to the Milford District Court, at least five days in advance of the scheduled hearing. The Amherst Police Department encourages you to contact the Prosecutor’s Office with questions and comments regarding this information, or any other areas which we may be of assistance. Contact can be made using this site, sending a message to Captain Anthony Ciampoli, via U.S. Mail, email or telephone @ 603-673-4900.