The amount of this credit is the same as the standard Veteran Tax Credit. The requirements for RSA 72:28-b are on the Assessing Tax Credit page. The deadline to file for this Credit is April 15, 2019.

The primary function of the Assessing Department is to ensure that all property within the Town of Amherst is assessed fairly and in accordance with the New Hampshire laws governing taxation.

The Board of Selectmen have awarded KRT Appraisal, LLC the 2017-2022  Contracted Assessor/Cyclical Review Contract. KRT will be performing ongoing  Cyclical Reviews of all properties in town. The process begins with verifying the current  data on the property record card and if a property owner is not at home exterior measurements are taken and letters are sent to request an interior inspection at a later date. Each year the Department of Revenue randomly selects property record cards to review and ensure that the data being collected is accurate and complete (RSA 21-J:II) then submits to the Board of Selectmen a Report of the Cyclical Review.

KRT Appraisal personnel will also be in the field inspecting all properties that have active building permits. This process usually begins early March weather permiting, and ends around the first of May of each year.   

All KRT employees carry photo identification, a letter from the Assessing Office, and display the town seal on their personal vehicle. Please contact the Assessor's Office for further verification.

General Responsibilities:

  • Town authority for all property assessment and related issues 
  •  Maintain thorough knowledge of State of New Hampshire tax law 
  •  Administer State statutes governing taxation. Perform statistical analysis to monitor market trends and ratio studies 
  •  Annually review property tax assessments based upon market research and analysis, updating when and where necessary 
  •  Conduct investigations to evaluate property changes. Involves conducting on-site inspections, building permit reviews,  meetings with property owners, and researching modifications made to properties. 
  •  Responsible for administering the tax abatement process 
  •  Processing of applications for tax exemption and/or credit programs 
  •  Maintain property tax data files, property record cards, and various departmental databases 
  •  Assist other departments and agencies on an as needed basis 
  •  Provide assessment related data to various entities, taxpayers, and the general public 
  •  Respond to taxpayer requests, and provide customer service in person, via email, or over the telephone

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Michele Boudreau EA/Assessing (603) 673-6041 ext. 202