Become a Firefighter

Amherst Fire Rescue Fire Division is a paid-per-call fire department that follows the traditional volunteer fire department model. Our roster of approximately 50 firefighters consists of 2 full time chief officers, 1 full time Captain of Fire / EMS Operations, and a core membership of highly trained, citizen-volunteers. Our department is a close-knit family who work and train together under a common passion to protect our community – will you be the next to join our ranks?

Many people say the same things: “Ever since I was a kid, I always wanted to be a firefighter.” Now. as an adult, you likely realize that firefighters also make a difference – they’re involved, they save property, they save lives, they see and do things that most citizens will never experience. Of this, we Amherst Firefighters are proud – we’re glad to make a difference in the lives of our neighbors.

Who are your Amherst Firefighters? They are managers, technical professionals, craftspeople, master electricians, engineers, college professors, etc  – you name it!  They are your neighbors and friends. And we would welcome the opportunity to have you join us.

It’s true that most people never join because no one ever asked them. You’ve just been asked!

Our department relies on the dedication and volunteerism of our citizens to answer the call when there is an emergency. Without our volunteers, there would be nobody to respond. We are always in need of new recruits, so please consider applying!

It is true – Firefighting is a brotherhood, over 700,000 men and women across United States currently volunteer at their local fire department. No matter to where in the world you travel, whether business or pleasure, when you visit a local fire station and introduce yourself as a firefighter, you’re treated like a long-lost brother or sister.

Learn about us. We’d welcome the opportunity to learn about you! It’s time volunteer – after all, you’re reading this page, aren’t you?

Now, the reality…

Concerned that you don’t have the time to make the commitment? You’re just “too busy?”

Before you say “no, thanks,” talk with an Amherst firefighter. Call us at 673-1545. Talk with us. We’ll give you straight answers to your questions about the training you receive, the time commitment required, what goes on, etc. No “run-around,” just straight answers to your straight questions. We’re hoping that you will like what you hear. We place high value on our families, with plenty of activities that include spouses or significant others, and kids. Yes, we have fun, too!

Yes, we’re looking for more men and women. You KNOW you’ve always wanted to look into it. Give us a call – you’re one step closer to becoming an Amherst Firefighter.

We look forward to meeting you.

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