Public Trails on Private Land

In order to construct a town-wide or regional network for safe, alternative transportation, the cooperation of private landowners is essential to forming contiguous routes throughout the area. The Bicycle & Pedestrian Advisory Committee has written Public Trails on Private Land in order to help private landowners understand the vital role they can play in helping to form this network and to help dispel the many myths about trail easements. If you would like a physical copy of this document, please contact us and we would be happy to provide one for you.

Within Public Trails on Private Land, we answer the most commonly asked questions of private landowners when considering a trail easement:

  • Would I assume any liability?
  • Would a trail easement affect the value of my property?
  • Would a trail easement count as a change in “current use” and result in a change in taxation?
  • Would a trail easement increase risk of trespassing, vandalism, or other crime?
  • Would a trail easement impact my privacy?
  • Would I be exposing my land to an increased risk of litter?
  • Who would maintain the trail?