Stormwater Committee

The Stormwater II committee was created by the selectmen to aid in local compliance with the Federal EPA NPDES Stormwater Program, Phase II. These are population density driven regulations. Therefore, they cover about half of Amherst as well as several individual town sites, such as the transfer station and and the DPW garage. Any construction site over one acre in size is also affected by these regulations. The committee is charged with the following tasks:

  • Review existing ordinances and town regulations to determine how they may achieve some of the Phase II goals.
  • Collect existing mapping information regarding storm water systems within the urbanized area.
  • Identify public education and in-field projects for public participation to heighten awareness and assist in improving Stormwater quality.
  • Participation with local officials and the public. Work with the Town regarding establishing a “Task Force”.
  • Develop a schedule to identify illicit discharges with inspections and sampling if necessary over the five-year program.
  • Reviewing existing local regulations and make recommendations to ensure the Town has appropriate measures in place to comply with the Phase II program.
  • Review any existing programs the Town may have in place with respect to review of Postconstruction Stormwater management for new developments and redevelopments and review the feasibility of incorporating alternative design options.
  • Identification of Best Management Practices (BMP’s) for Amherst's Department of Public Works.

Board Members

Name Title
Anne Krantz Chair
Bruce Berry Member
Tom Grella Ex-Officio