Building Permit Information

Building permits are required in the Town of Amherst for all new construction, additions, remodels, sheds, decks, porches, new and replacement septic systems, swimming pools, signs, roofing and most improvements. A complete Building Permit Application can be submitted (along with supporting documentation) at the office, by mail or by email.

Building permit applications are processed as quickly as possible, however, many factors play a role into the length of time a permit application takes. Accuracy and completeness of information have a major affect on application review time, as well as the fluctuations in the seasonal workload.  Permit applications with incomplete or missing information only delay the approval process.  Good project planning is the best way to assure your permit will be ready when you are.  Permit applications are available anytime so there are no restrictions against applying for a permit months in advance of your project.  Since permit fees are not due until the permit is actually issued your only cost in applying is your time.

Electrical, plumbing and mechanical permits are issued as a Permit On Demand, provided the work is not part of a project that requires a building permit. When a building permit is required for a project the mechanical system permits will not be issued until the building permit has been issued.
Please be advised that per NH law RSA 676:13, the Building Official has 30 days for completed residential applications or 60 days for completed commercial applications to either approve or deny a the building permit application. No work can begin without an approved building permit.

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