Ledge Trail

Painted Trillium
Painted Trillium
Map:  Ledge Trail Map (NRPC Map detail)
Length:  0.5 mile. Post 7 on Old Brook Road to Post 12 on the Highland Trail
Identification: Red blazes
       Walking:  Difficult, steep ascents.
       XC skiing: Not recommended beyond pond.
       Mountain biking:  Not allowed.

The Ledge Trail connects the Old Brook Road Trail with the Highland Trail. With sections of those trails, a round-trip walk of 1.1 miles can be enjoyed by those able to handle steep sections of trail.

Log: The trail begins .3 miles north of PMEC at Post 7 on Old Brook Road Trail. The first .1 miles are level and afford views of the beaver pond and Joe English Brook. From the pond overlook, it is possible to watch ducks, redwing blackbirds and great blue heron fishing. The water level and hence the amount and type of vegetation are controlled by the beaver who are in charge of dam maintenance.  Cross Joe English Brook on a King Post bridge donated by the Lioness Club. In 100’ at Post 9, the Ledge Trail turns right before the stone wall. The Bacon Trail (yellow) continues straight.
At .2 miles the trail follows the edge of Clean Brook and crosses it on a bridge 300’ further along.
At .3 miles the Bacon Trail reenters on the left at Post 10.  The trail climbs steeply for 800 feet to the top of the granite outcropping called Lookout Rock.
At .5 miles, the trail turns left on the ledge and joins the Highland Trail at Post 12.