How to Help

The Amherst Conservation Commission depends on volunteers and gifts for much of the conservation work that the Commission accomplishes. Without these considerable gifts of land, money, and time, there would be considerably less property conserved in Amherst. If you are interested in supporting the work of the Amherst Conservation Commission, consider the following possibilities:

  • Some of the conservation property in Amherst was given to the Amherst Conservation Commission by owners who wished to preserve their land in an undeveloped state. If you own land that you believe should be preserved in its natural state forever, contact the chairman of the commission. Also, read about the issues and the process used for gifts of land to the Conservation Commission. There also exist a number of useful books to read on this subject. They describe easements and other options besides outright gifts of property. At least 2 of these books are available at the Amherst Library and can be purchased at the web sites linked below:

Preserving Family Lands - Essential Tax Strategies for the Landowner by Stephen J. Small, Landowner Planning Center, Boston, Mass.
Conservation Options - A Landowner' Guide Land Trust Alliance, Washington, DC

  • The Amherst Conservation Commission also accepts gifts of money to be used for specific projects such as education, property management, or the purchase of conservation properties.
  • New members are often needed for the Amherst Conservation Commission, and its subgroups, including the Friends of the Lindabury Orchard and the Trail Stewards. Members of the commission are appointed by the Board of Selectmen. If you are a citizen of Amherst and interested in volunteering some time to help conserve some of Amherst's natural environment, contact the Board of Selectmen or the Chairman of the ACC.
  • Many projects are accomplished by stewards and volunteers, including trail maintenance, building and installing signs, and the construction of roads or parking areas. Members of the ACC Trail Stewardship Program can choose a favorite trail to maintain and to lead guided walks. If you are interested in helping with this work, join our mailing list for the Friends of the Amherst Conservation Commission. After joining our mailing list, you will periodically receive information about events sponsored by the ACC and requests for volunteer help on ACC projects.

If you are interested in helping the Conservation Commission in any of its work, please contact the chairman to see what the possibilities are.