Haseltine Trails

Map: Haseltine Trails (NRPC map detail)
Length:  About 3 miles of trails.  
      Frodo's Ring Trail (1.4 mile loop)
      Gandalf Trail (0.5 miles)
      Legolas Trail (0.4 miles)
      Strider Trail (0.4 miles)
      Frodo's Ring Trail - white blazes
      Gandalf Trail - yellow blazes
      Legolas Trail - red blazes
      Strider Trail - blue blazes
Difficulty:  Walking: Moderate
                   XC skiing:  Difficult, not recommended
                   Mountain Biking:  Moderate
The Haseltine Community Preserve is located on the south side of Austin Road. Olive Haseltine donated the land to ACC in 1990. In 1999 and 2016, ACC conducted managed harvests of the forest as part of the long-term management plan for the area, which is recognized as a tree farm by the Foresters Guild. Over time, ACC has received assistance with trails and infrastructure from an Eagle Scout project and the New England Mountain Biking Association (NEMBA).  The trails here take visitors past forests of varying ages, large erratic boulders, vernal pools and early quarrying. The area is ringed by the Frodo's Ring Trail. Within the loop, visitors can pass through the middle of the loop on the Gandalf TrailLegolas Trail, or Strider Trail. All trails are open to hiking and mountain biking, except the lower segment of the Gandalf trail, which is restricted to hiking only (as marked on the trail).  Because of many turns on most trails, Haseltine is probably not ACC’s best area for XC skiing. From Haseltine, visitors can use the B-H trail on the north side of Austin Road to connect to the Betty Arnold Forest and its trails.