P-H (Plumb-Harding) Trail

Pink Lady Slippers
Pink Lady Slippers
Map:  P-H Trail Map (NRPC map detail)
Length: 0.3 miles
Identification: Orange blazes
Difficulty: Walking: Easy
                  XC skiing: Moderate
                  Mountain biking:  Not allowed.

The P-H Trail forms a connector between the Plumb Trail from Chestnut Hill and the Highland Trail from PMEC and Brook Road. With a portion of the Plumb Trail it forms a loop of .9 miles from Chestnut Hill Road that takes the traveler out to a ledge top and one of the viewpoints in the reservation.

Log:  East to West. Leave Plumb Trail at Post 20 and climb to open ledges. From here, the view is west to Mack Hill and north into NBAS.  Pitch Pine with their three-needle clusters and rough bark grow on these dry ledges. No fires are permitted here or anywhere else in the Joe English Reservation.  Continue South 500 feet along the ledge to join the Highland Trail at Post 16. To return to Chestnut Hill parking, go left (south) on the Highland Trail 200 feet to Post 17. Turn left following orange P-H blazes 300 feet to join the Plumb Trail (red) at Post 19. Turn left for your return to Chestnut Hill via the Plumb Trail.