Timber Trail

Black gum trees with distinctive crown of old trees.
Black gum trees with distinctive crown of old trees.
Map:  Timber Trail Map (NRPC Map)
Length:  0.4 miles. Post 2 on Hammond Brook Trail to Post 8 on Old Brook Road
Identification: Orange Blazes
Difficulty: Walking: Easy
                  XC skiing: Easy
                  Mountain biking:  not allowed.

The Timber Trail is a once and future logging road. It provides a comfortable circle walk of 1.2 miles through varied habitats when connected with the first section of the Hammond Brook Trail and Old Brook Road. This is the least challenging round trip for young feet or easy skiing. See Hammond Brook Trail description for information on the self-guiding walk which uses the Timber Trail for part of its route.  Mountain laurel, which blooms around Independence Day, is lush along this trail.  When there is snow cover, tracks of both cottontail rabbits (coney) and varying hare (snowshoe) may be seen at the edge of the wetland.

At Post 2 on the Hammond Brook Trail .4 miles from the PMEC kiosk turn right (north) onto the Timber Trail. In .2 miles at Post 5 the Eagle Trail enters left.
At .3 miles, where an aluminum culvert carries seasonal drainage into the swamp on the right, note the craggy tops of more old gum trees.
At .4 miles the Timber Trail reaches Old Brook Road at Post 8.  To return to PMEC, turn right on the Old Brook Road.