Property Management

 The Amherst Conservation Commission spends much, if not most, of it's time on a number of property management tasks.  These tasks are necessary in order to make the properties available to Amherst citizens for recreation, and to use the land in ways that assure "the property utilization and protection of the natural resources", as required by the New Hampshire RSA 36-A.

These management tasks are organized into the following areas:

  • Forest Management - Forests are managed to preserve a variety of habitats; to control disease and pests; and to provide income for the Commission as well.  
  • Meadow Management - A few meadows are managed to preserve fertility, protect wildlife, and to provide space for agricultural crops.
  • Groundwater Management - Waters are managed and protected to reduce pollution and to protect our streams, rivers, ponds and drinking water.
  • Invasive Species Management - Invasive plants and insects are monitored and removed where possible.
  • Trail Management - Trails are maintained, cleared, and marked for hiking and other uses by ACC members and volunteer trail stewards.