A goal of the Amherst Conservation Commission is to allow multiple uses of our conservation properties for all Amherst citizens.  This means that hunting is allowed, along with hiking, skiing, showshoeing, cycling (in designated locations), and other activities.  Hunters must understand that there may be other people in the woods, maybe with dogs, horses or other animals with them.  It is recommended that all visitors to conservation lands wear hunter orange or other bright colors when in the woods.

At present, no Amherst conservation properties are posted to prohibit hunting, so everyone should expect that a hunter may be present on any conservation property during hunting seasons.  The deer season for firearms, which attracts the most hunters, lasts fromn the end of October to the first week of December, but the seasons for other small game and birds continue throughout much of the year.  See the New Hampshire Fish & Game Department for details on the various seasons for all species and weapons.  See the NH Fish & Game Laws and Rules website for applicable state statutes.  The hunting schedule is made more complicated in Amherst because Amherst is located in two NH Wildlife Management Units, which have slightly differend hunting season dates.  Wildlife Management Unit K is north of Route 101, while Wildlife Management Unit M is to the south of Route 101.

New Hampshire state law allows hunting on private property unless it is posted to explicitly prohibit hunting.