Goals and Projects

In July 2013, the Amherst Conservation Commission presented its goals to the Amherst Board of Selectmen. These goals will be the primary focus of the Conservation Commission over the next few years. The ultimate objective of the Amherst Conservation Commission is stated in NH RSA 36-A: "to provide for proper utilization and protection of the natural resources for for the protection of watershed resources" in our Town.

Our projects for the current year are found at the bottom of this page.

Our goals are the following:

Protect Wildlife Habitats

  • Appoint Wildlife Manager - DONE
  • Establish & fund a Wildlife Habitat action plan for mapping and increased populations
  • Conduct a Natural Resources Inventory - DONE
  • Focus planning on the Souhegan river corridor

Protect Water Quality

  • Refresh ourselves on regulations, buffers, enforcement
  • Make process adjustments per State changes
  • Public education via Internet and Community Development Office

Trails Management

  • Ensure a robust trail stewards program, capitalize on social media and public education - DONE
  • Make GIS trail map, determine & add ADA data

Forest Management

  • Add Grater Woods to plan
  • Integrate plan with Wildlife Habitat action plan

Meadow Management

  • Move 1 or 2 farmer/contractors to ACC break- even status within two seasons
  • Start a Meadows Steward program

Invasive Species Management

  • Continue permitting process, control along roadways
  • Provide invasive insect data to UNH researchers - DONE
  • Conduct invasive species public education (see Hemlock Impact)

Special Focus: Lindabury Orchard

  • Maintain the Orchard as a unique and inviting community asset
  • Preserve a connection to our agrarian roots by keeping an "orchard" theme to the Lindabury property to include caring for trees and improving fruit production
  • Protect Orchard views and pastoral nature of the property
  • Create a space that can be utilized in variety of ways including passive outdoor recreation, education and entertainment

Administrative Goals

  • Seek alternative funding sources
  • Advocate ownership of NBAFS property not required for national security
  • Tight coordination with Master Plan and CIP
  • Expand website to replace Walk Book
  • Expand outdoor education through PMEC relationship

Projects (see list file below)