Amherst Community Access Television

Public Access Television for the residents of Amherst

Amherst Community Access television is now available on the internet.

All recorded programs can be played on-demand using the video on-demand link on the left. All meetings are also available live Channel 20 video stream link on the left.

Comcast Channel 20 broadcasts daily bulletins from the Town of Amherst, including live and recorded selectman’s, planning board and ZBA meetings.

Amherst Community Access Television (ACTV) wants to showcase YOUR music. ACTV is looking for locally produced music to use as background for the Community Bulletin Board which airs between regularly scheduled programs. Email us at

Submit Your Programs and Announcements

If your local organization would like a notice posted to the Amherst Community Access TV bulletin board, please send the complete text of your notice to ACTV and we will get it broadcast. Allow 1 week for your notice to be published. No commercial announcements will be accepted.

If you wish to submit a video recording for broadcast, read the PEG Policy to assure that your video complies and then submit a Cablecast Request Form.