Tax Credits

Tax Credits are deductions from the tax due. The following tax credit options are available in Amherst. Applications are available in the Assessing Office. Bring your DD 214 form.

CriteriaTax Credit
Paraplegic, double amputee owning specially adapted homesteads with VA AssistanceTax Exempt
Totally & permanently disabled veterans, spouses or widows, and the widows of veterans who died or were killed.$1,400
War Service Credit$500

Qualifying Criteria

Physically Handicapped: To qualify, a person must be discharged from military service of the United States under conditions other than dishonorable, or be an officer who is honorably separated from military service.

A double amputee of the upper or lower extremities or any combination thereof;

  • Paraplegic;
  • Blinded in both eyes with a visual acuity of 5/200 or less.
  • Declared totally & permanently disabled


  • Owns a specially adapted home which was V.A. assisted acquired; or
  • Acquired using proceeds from the sale of a previous V.A. assisted home.

Service-Connected Total Disability: To qualify, a person or officer must have been honorably discharged from the military service of the United States and has a total and permanent service-connected disability, or is a double amputee or paraplegic as a result of a service-connected injury.

War Service Credit: To qualify, a person must have served not less than 90 consecutive days in the armed forces of the United States. Under previous law, the veterans' tax credit was available only to those veterans who served during the qualifying wars or armed conflict periods listed in RSA 72:28. No proof of Expiditionary Medal is required and it does not matter where the veteran served. This amendment became effective August 8, 2016.